Porsche 911 “Baja”

In past years, custom Porsche 911s with off-road appearance – “Safari” type – are becoming increasingly popular among collectors. Our latest discovery concerns a Porsche 911 (964) “Baja”, which is now available for purchase from Collecting Cars. But it’s certainly more different from any other similar examples that we have singled out in the past. Made by Russell Built Fabrication and designed to meet off-road driving perfectly.

It started its life as a 964 Carrera 4 in 1991 but in the course of time, it was completely modified so that it can cope with even the most demanding off-road tracks. A racing cage, heavy front, and rear bumpers, lighter doors, a new custom suspension system were added and its width was increased by 15 inches. Despite the many changes, the “Baja” is lighter than its original version. At the same time, it has only 5 thousand kilometers on the dashboard and a 3.8-liter engine that produces 360 horsepower.

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