The Reborn Moke

The Mini Moke is one of the most unusual vehicles ever produced by the British motor industry. A military jeep that became a symbol of fashion, has a fascinating history. Staying true to the design form and size that made it stand out, the tiny Moke was created by the British designer Sir Alex Issigonis back in the 1960s. The car with no roof and doors was tried to be sold in the last decade to the British Army as a lightweight and agile vehicle, but Alex Issigonis ultimately failed. Issigonis didn’t get discouraged, instead, he tried to impress once again the Army commanders in 1962, but with no response. Eventually, this led him to create a “city” version so he could get back some of the invested money. Thus, Austin Mini was born in 1964.

Sooner than expected, became a favorite by a large population worldwide, and the favorite choice of many celebrities of the time, such as Brigitte Bardot, Peter Sellers, and the Beatles, while appearing in many James Bond films. Some of the are still in the possession of David Letterman and Kate Moss. Subsequently, this original vehicle has been rebranded by the owner brand Moke International, which holds ownership since 2015. The changes are minimal and almost impossible to recognize. Based on the 1950 body, it has a 66 hp engine, an automatic transmission, and much improved brakes. Nevertheless, driving this car is still a unique experience, but for some intimidating. It has space for four passengers, a retro radio, and a discreet hood. Its starting price is $30,000, and there is a wide range of 13 colors to choose from.

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