The technique of misdirection by Sølve Sundsbø

Observing Sølve Sundsbø’s work, instantly you can admit his experimental techniques and sharp concepts. His works disclose innovation, stylistic flexibility, and an open-minded attitude towards x-rays, 3-D printing, and smoke effects. The Norwegian photographer and filmmaker is known for his experimental eye and conceptual photography with light, smoke, and other manipulations. His innovative creations and special style are the reason behind his respected career and artistic personality.

The starting point of his career was in 1995 when he arrived in London to attend a short photography class at the London College of Printing. His outstanding talent instantly got recognized, getting him as an assistant of the acclaimed photographer Nick Knight, from whom he got significant leverage and a major stimulus for his later career.

He has also branched out into filmmaking, having directed short films for Nike, SHOWstudio, and Alexander McQueen. His film for The New York Times titled “14 Actors Acting” won an Emmy Award. In 2018, the photographer staged an exhibition at Milan’s Palazzo Reale, titled “Beyond the Still image”, celebrating the photographer’s 20-years career in the industry, and opening the Photo Vogue Festival that year. Sundsbø’s works also appear in the permanent collection of London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Sølve Sundsbø has won acclaim for his otherworldly concepts, stylistic versatility, and openness to new technologies such as 3-D scanning and hand-painted retouching. He uses many “old-fashioned techniques” and prefers considered snaps to a “shoot now, fix later” mentality, even though his works appear digitally altered due to the frequent use of “trompe l’oeil’ and dramatic coloring through manipulation of light, movement, and water.

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