113 years of history

The British car manufacturer Morgan Motor Company is famous for creating legendary and stylish cars with a sense of vintage glamour. Counting 113 years of history, and after two decades of absence, its new model “Super 3” is an ode to its rich heritage, with a touch of the modern era.

In contrast to the typical models of the company, such as the PlusFour, the brand-new Super 3 is three-wheeled and comes up with an ultimately different design. It weighs just 600 kg and has been equipped with a brand-new engine that offers 50% better performance than the previous tricycles of the company. Naturally, the Super 3 was designed to meet today’s driver needs, with a base for a cup or a phone holder, under the dashboard. The interior allows additional space for the passengers, lined with digital dials, switches, and digital radio. Also, the custom-made interior provides the choice between a variety of weather-resistant fabrics and skins. Its price is 48.000 euros.