Always be a gentleman

by Apostolos Kotsabasis

In times of fluidity does it make sense to discuss what is chic? Is it a luxury? Does it involve some elites? Whatever meaning that meaning has. Undoubtedly, being a gentleman is chic. The forfeiture of values requires us to adhere to a code of good conduct. This finding also concerns our digital self that is “exposed” on the Internet. Having a good social media demeanor is a self-evident prerequisite. Especially in the era of the dominance of trolls and the sub-zero “influential characters” of the internet, this attitude acquires special importance. Courtesy of manners has its own dynamics. Such as addressing your interlocutor with respect, in person but also digitally, slowing down your car in front of pedestrians, respecting elders and so much more. In times of massification and leveling down, it is important to remain a gentleman, not to become cynical and indifferent, especially when at times you consider that if you, as another David Niven, stepped aside to open the door for a woman to come through, it is likely she didn’t notice, walked past you and, ignoring you, continued to watch the TikTok video on her mobile screen.