The experience and expertise

by Christos Zampounis

For hundreds of Greek journalists who were summoned to cover the funeral of King Constantine, former King of the Greeks, as is his official title, or former as his critics call him, the experience was unprecedented. From where and to where you will tell me, do they know the Grand Duke Henry of Luxembourg or even Queen Noor of Jordan by sight? About ninety members of royal families attended the previous Monday, at the death of the immigrant, creating a relative panic in the pensions of news bulletins, informational and entertainment shows, as well as websites (sites). Newspapers and magazine editors spared her, for the simple reason that they had the time to verify who is who. The lack of knowledge on this specific subject is completely justifiable if we take into account that the last royal funeral, that of Queen Frederica, took place “secretly” and privately, in 1981, in Tatoi. At the time, Constantine and his family were only allowed to attend for six hours, because the result of the referendum on the State was fresh and the young Presidential Republic felt insecure. Something similar did not happen at the funeral of her husband, King Pavlos, in 1964, because the polity was that of the Reigned Republic and the arrival of representatives from dozens of royal Houses from all over the planet was impressive. At that time, the so-called royal reportage was served by pens like Freddy Germanos or Maria Karavia, while Eleni Vlacho’s newspapers were considered an “annex” of the Palace. Times have changed, and the Greek press stopped being interested in this particular family, with some exceptions, such as the “Life & Style” magazine that we created with Antonis and Elena Lymberis. A handful of royal observers were trained there, who can recognize Princess Martha Louise of Norway from miles away. With the experience of the funeral of the last king of the Greeks, it is certain that other journalists will have acquired a relevant experience for similar events in the future.