Beauty in Politics

by Christos Zampounis

The arrest of Eva Kaili, an admittedly beautiful woman, recalled from my memory the master’s thesis I had submitted to the professor of the History of Political Sciences Jean Rouvier at the University of Paris II – Pantheon, on the subject: “Beauty in Politics. The example of Alcibiades”. The professor in question encouraged me in writing and guided me in another component, which is the top one in governance. That of the “elite du Coeur et de l’Esprit”, the elite of the Heart and Spirit, from which power must be exercised. It is the famous theory of the elites, which causes such an allergy to the woke, that they seem to prefer the equation of society downwards. But let’s get back to the issue of outward appearance, which, let’s not be fooled, opens doors, perhaps not as much as politeness, and apparently is an electoral criterion for voters. Is it enough on its own? No. Other qualities are needed, such as intelligence or good character, to narrow it down to just two. In the case of Alcibiades, the combination of aristocratic origin and beauty created an explosive mixture, where good and bad were fed according to the circumstances. In the case of Kaili, the charm she had on her hundreds of thousands of voters has turned into an abysmal hatred, on Social Media, by angry users who “crucify” her every day, just as the Athenians did when Alcibiades “sold” them to he goes with the Spartans. Wicked nature changes the radio.