Royal Chic

by sir Taki Theodoracopulos

In recent decades royals around the world have become “every day”, mistakenly believing that the more they resemble ordinary people in dress and behavior, the longer they will retain their royal privileges. Of course, this is not true.

The everyday person wants to admire the royal family, not compare them to his wife and children, who share a similar appearance. Although I might be accused of being biased because I’m Greek and a close friend of Prince Paul, I think our royals stand out as the most fashionable of the royal families, especially when compared to the British. With the exception of Kate Middleton, who was chic as a commoner and just as chic as the Princess of Wales she is now. She was and remains slim, dressed and dressed like a classic Parisian model, and has a natural smile in stark contrast to her aunt, Princess Anne. Her father-in-law, the king, dresses very nicely but is hardly classy. As for the rest, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenia sometimes look like Soviet-era Russians. Their mother, Fergie, is certainly not stylish. Does not matter. I have always admired the Norwegian and Danish royals because they are tall, blond, and beautiful. King Harald and Queen Sonia are chic, but their 51-year-old daughter Martha Louise is not. She just ran off with an American who calls himself a shaman (whatever that means) and tells the others he’s a reptilian hybrid. Not too fancy, says Sir Taki. I know the King and Queen of Holland. Both drink and behave well, but the heir to the throne, a young woman, is not exactly the reincarnation of the beautiful Helen of Troy. She’s not posh, although her mother, Maxima, is. This brings me to our royals. Watching Queen Anne Mary at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was a great joy. She looked chic dressed in black and her beauty was accentuated by all the ordinary people around her. Princess Marie-Sandal Miller also looked very chic and her blonde hair went well with her chic black outfit. But the most fashionable of all was Prince Paul. She dresses perfectly, with suits that look relaxed but tight, well-made shoes that are tight and shiny, and beautiful handmade t-shirts. He is tall, very handsome, and looks like a member of the royal family. And so it should be. She is descended from the oldest European royal family, the Danish royal family, and when you mix the Danes with the Greeks, the result must be chic.