The complexities of history

by Apostolos Kotsabasis

Whether we like it or not history is facts. They happened and were recorded. So simple. The opinion of each of us towards them, especially when expressed with anger, is legitimate but completely indifferent as far as the event per se is concerned. Furthermore, it is generally accepted that history is not deleted and filtered at will. What is striking in the case of the emigration of the former King Constantine II is that events 60 years ago are being deliberately used for selfish small-party purposes with all that entails. It is remarkable that those who invoke them, at the time they happened, they were not even born. The political ghost hunters of history and unsolicited honorees are certainly not the best at the present juncture. The story is read in “cold blood” and no doubt the distance in time helps to soberly assess the events.


Photo Courtesy Unsplash