High-end craftsmanship

The art of bespoke shoemaking has hardly changed since the 19th century and a brand has become synonymous with high quality and finesse in the detail of handcrafted designs. The reason for G.J. Cleverley, which since its establishment in London’s Mayfair, not far from where it stands today, served some of the world’s most famous names, world leaders, titans of industry, social figures and quickly became known for the Cleverley scheme – a cute chiseled shoe, which became the signature of his exquisite art.


George Cleverley was born on 10 August 1898 into a family of shoemakers in London. After finishing his apprenticeship at 15, he was drafted into the Royal British Army for World War I and then settled in London before joining a British Army boot factory in Calais, France. After the war, he joined Tuczec, a high-society London shoemaker, in Clifford Street, Mayfair, where he remained for 38 years. George left Tuczec in 1958 to start his own business – G.J. Cleverley of Cork Street, Mayfair. In 1978 he selected long-time students John Carnera and George Glasgow to succeed him in the business because of their shared high principles in shoemaking. George died in 1991, he was almost 93 and still working. All Cleverley shoemakers go through a 3 to a 5-year apprenticeship to ensure style and quality are consistently maintained to the highest standards. Today, the company is still a family business led by Mr. George Glasgow Snr (Chairman) & Mr. George Glasgow Jr (CEO & Creative Director).

All Photos Courtesy of www.georgecleverley.com