Kindness is Chic

Kindness is a virtue, as it is an acquired characteristic of our psyche. Qualities that exist within us are expressed, such as kindness, lack of selfishness, respect, honesty, dignity, and appreciation.

by Maria Mylona

When you are kind to yourself, you are kind to others. You have to take care of yourself first because when you feel good about yourself, you are willing to show patience, support, forgiveness, and love. Kindness offers a positively contagious effect and is expressed spontaneously in our close relationships, fostering better physical and mental health. This effect is carried up to three levels in our social environment. Doing a good deed daily to yourself or to someone close to you or not makes no difference, it is tremendously rewarding as it activates the neurobiological system that increases trust and the desire to care. Self-esteem and positive energy are magnified. Through volunteering or doing things that make your loved ones happy, e.g. by giving a gift, you feel happier yourself, and this feeling tends to last longer, as blood pressure drops and there is a general improvement in health. In addition, we can benefit from these positive feelings through memories of past acts of kindness, confirming to us the power and benefits of kindness. Seekers of happiness must continue to create such memories, as they must have pre-existing acts of kindness before they can be recalled. A positive vicious circle is created between kindness and happiness, where one reinforces the other. There will certainly be times when we may be absorbed in our own thoughts and not be kind to the needs of others, or we may simply be uneducated. Consciously applying kindness to our lives will make it a habit, as it is like a muscle, which gets stronger with repetition. You can start by doing a few simple acts of kindness in your day, such as giving up your seat to someone who needs it most or smiling at a passerby on the street, and then writing down how it made you feel. Also, observing kind acts helps us to affirm the goodness that exists around us. This activates our positive mood and reduces the awareness of stress through the bad events that happen in our society. In a way, image culture is promoted these days, but elements like kindness and gentleness are more charming. So a secret of beauty and attractiveness is to be a person with noble values. Noblesse oblige.


Maria Mylona is a Psychologist and ex. Synthetic Psychotherapist. He is trained in Positive Psychology at Stanford University. He holds an MSc in Health Psychology from the University of Surrey and a BSc in Evolutionary Psychology from Empire College of the State University of New York. He is also certified in the application of Psychometric Tests by the University of Cambridge.

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