The watch book: Rolex

“It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.” Rolex is a kind of brand whose history can only be told through written words and illustrations. The publisher teNeus renews the previously published volume of the Swiss watchmaker with a new one “The Watch Book: Rolex”.

With passion, attention to detail, and impressive expertise, author and editor Gisbert L. Brunner leads you through the wonderful world of this luxury watch brand in this new edition of The Watch Book Rolex. The waterproof “Oyster,” the “Datejust,” and the more than half-century-old diver’s “Submariner” are among the brand-new Rolex 2020 and 2021 entries that celebrate Rolex’s most recent accomplishments. This book will be the topic of conversation at any table, as it has been carefully composed and contained over 400 photos. The new version, which costs $90 and numbers 272 pages, is the perfect gift for watch lovers, watch collectors, and Rolex fans.