Velvet slippers never sleep

In the early 19th century, velvet slippers were used as a functional and elegant indoor shoe, protective for the carpets and wooden floors, of the large houses and palaces in Great Britain. Velvet slippers first became a prominent style for the fashionable man the way that so many menswear pieces rise in popularity – by celebrity endorsement. According to the urban legend, in this case from Prince Albert, of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha (1819-1816), the wife of Queen Victoria. He first wore the velvet slippers at official Buckingham events. Since then, it has become commonplace for upper-class gentlemen to wear them in clubs.

Today, black, green, burgundy, and navy blue are the most popular color choices for Prince Alber slippers, accompanied by special designs such as a pirate badge, crowns, or coats. They can be personalized as well, by choosing embroidered initials or a monogram. An ideal pairing could be with a matching velvet evening jacket, the perfect choice for a comfy and elegant dinner at home. As their velvety texture defines a formal setting, its type of shoe simultaneously creates a hostile and relaxed vibe. To add a touch of detail, their Coronet slippers, with either a crown or cabaret skeleton embroidered on the pair are also charming options. Wear comfortable trousers and a knitted jumper – and you won’t want to take them off to go outside.

The Prince Albert slippers are not only made by old British fashion houses. Depending on their origin, each pair is cut and embroidered by hand and is defined by velvet uppers that often have an embroidered design on the vamp, quilted linings, and leather soles. The same method is followed by their craftsmen, who retain almost two centuries of experience, as their production has remained unchanged in numerous of their laboratories. In a wide variety of colors, the velvet slipper with elegant embroidery is undoubtedly a personal statement for discreet luxury.