Old-world glamour

Antique furniture, well-preserved carved fireplaces and plush carpets create a bohemian atmosphere at the new Warren Street Hotel in Hudson, New York.

In an area that occupies three buildings, 11 rooms are offered with a period flavor, the interiors of which have been designed by Lev Glazman. Painted ceilings, mosaic floors, and stained glass windows complete this authentic aesthetic. However, he chose throughout the spaces to add a wealth of historic works and artifacts from local Hudson Valley artisans. The decoration of the rooms has been shaped based on some creative professions. For example, the walls of the Artist Room are covered in paintings, while the Writer Suite has a private library. At the same time, other rooms are based on the aesthetics of specific times and locations, such as Paris and Hollywood in the 1920s. On the ground floor, the hotel’s restaurant offers timeless flavors and classic cocktails.

Photo Credit: Francine Zaslow

Info: 302 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534, United States