The golden age of aviation

Have you ever wondered what air travel was like in the 1950s and 60s? It was certainly much different than it is now. Passengers perceived travel as something very important. Flying during the Golden Age made passengers feel special, only because it costs a lot of money in order to be able to fly. Passengers wore their best clothes, took group photos prior to boarding, wrote postcards to their loved ones, and dined on lobster. Here are some of the characteristics of air travel during this mythical era. Back then a flight to the US would cost you more than $ 4,000 based on today’s inflation rate. If you compare that with wages in Europe at the time you can understand how costly it was to fly.

Airlines were in constant competition. Passengers dined with crystal glasses  and silverware, while lobster was served regularly on the menu. Economy class in the 1960s looked more like today’s business class, while first class was about as spacious as a hotel room. During that period, smoking was completely acceptable in the air. Air travel was a rare experience, and passengers felt the need to document every moment on postcards with pictures of the plane. Passengers were served as much free alcohol as they could drink and it was common for them to enjoy it and often walk off the plane drunk. You could board the plane without any sort of ID. They would just show up at the airport just half an hour before the flight and board the plane via stairs.