Detoxing from harmful info
What happens when the sheer cumulative volume of all the harmful "information" overwhelms our body's detoxifying capacity?

by Vissarion Zervas

Corona Virus… Quarantine… Vaccines… Ban… War… Precision… Bleeding… Fear… Insecurity… Anger… Sadness… Let me warn you not there is absolute knowledge on my part of how all this can be handled by a normal person. In fact, my purpose is to make us feel dissatisfied with the current ignorance around this situation. And while human Evil has made its appearance very strong for several years, we choose… not to know what we don’t know (unconscious ignorance). And we’re not going to deal if we can’t see the data first. And, to do that, we should be willing to make judgments. But, to do this safely, we must begin to judge and heal ourselves. The battle always starts from within, which is why self-purification will be our most important weapon. But not all those who have the conscious awareness and not unconscious ignorance have all this.

However, it will be good to:

– Turn off the TV.

– Open a book.

– Invest in at least one true friend.

To begin with, it is a serious… project.

– Plant lettuces in pots. It may not be able to feed you, but engaging with the soil helps with psychology and overall health.

– Turn off the router and avoid your mobile as much as possible. But what happens when the sheer cumulative volume of all the harmful “information” overwhelms our body’s detoxification capacity?

How much healing power does a health tip like “breathe, think positive, exercise…” have?

As a toxin, we could define any substance found in the body in a concentration greater than permissible and which can block its normal function.

The location, number, and type of toxins enable us to break them down with electromagnetic frequencies while relieving us of many unpleasant problems. To understand this, we could liken it to the process of lithotripsy via ultrasound. And since each case is unique, the nature of the organism’s toxicity and its bipolar relationship with the exhaustion of nervous energy (enervation) through a personalized mapping of the organism with the help of quantum energy information science can provide an important tool in the fight against good physical, mental and mental health. There is no magic wand…


Vissarion Zervas is a graduate of the School of Physical Education & Sport Science (Aristotle University), a Master in Holistic Health Care & Rehabilitation (CL Pennsylvania University), a certified “Holistic Mind” consultant (HBDI), an expert scientific consultant in holistic therapeutic-prevention and in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases. He has many years of experience in training business executives and athletes in the fields of Holistic Health & Wellness, Corrective Training, and Nutri Detox.

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